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A guide to effective meetings

June 30, 2020 6:06 am


Meetings are essential tools for business communication but so often they are not well organized and lead to boring, pointless experiences. This explains why many employees moan about having to go to them, but it shouldn’t be this way. A well-run meeting can be very productive but will need skill and direction. Meetings can be taken over by the same people who talk endlessly but never seem to achieve anything solid.

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Do not let the next meeting became the stuff of nightmares and follow some basic tips.

Be prepared – Get a written agenda of the subjects of the meeting and the points to be discussed. Give participants plenty of time to read the material that may go with the agenda and this way people may be more concise and hopefully a more effective conversation can occur, allowing you to get straight to the point.

Ensure that key decision makers at the meeting – The meeting cannot achieve anything if an executive is missing and this is the only person in your organization that can move an agenda item forward.

Punctual – Start meetings bang on time and finish a few minutes early because this will give you a reputation for being super-efficient and organized.

Stick to the agenda topics to stay focused and productive.

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