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How to tell the story of your food

October 27, 2020 5:39 pm


You are the best person to tell the story of your food business. However, putting together a story for an advertising campaign might not be one of your strengths if you’re a budding entrepreneur or busy chef. Here are some tips:

Be genuine

If a story seems too far-fetched, it won’t be believed so keep it real or you will lose the trust of your customers. Your story should be relatable and honest, including even the challenges and failures along the way. For help telling your story, contact a Food PR Agency like Leapfrog PR.

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Include your audience

Evolve your story with not at your audience. Invite them in to comment or get involved on social media or on your blog, for example. By reposting some of the comments about your product and how it is benefiting customers is a great way to share the story and journey together.

Share a lesson

Your brand doesn’t have to have a long history to have a tale of challenges or struggles. The positive outcome is the lesson that you want to share. The lesson will be something that resonates with your audience and the endpoint should be what becomes the talking point for your audience to connect with and engage with you.

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What is your passion?

If your business has a drive and passion for something, such as waste reduction or health, explain how this has influenced the products and services that you offer which will help you and your customers relate to a wider cause.

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