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How an accountant can help you

April 28, 2020 3:51 pm


Setting up your own business is full of ups and downs and lots of legal processes to follow. Ensuring that you stay on the right side of the law in terms of your business finances and taxes can be headache-inducing which is why it is always best to employ the services of a Gloucester Accountants to ensure that you are recording and filing everything correctly. Here are a number of ways in which a Gloucester Accountants can help you.

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When you first set up your business an accountant can help you to ensure that you choose the right business entity, whether this might be a sole trader or limited business. They can also help you to register with HMRC and for VAT.

On-going support

Filing end of year tax returns, VAT returns and helping with your general bookkeeping is one of the standard services that an accountant will offer. This then allows you to focus on growing your business and running the day to day tasks.

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When looking to expand a business you will often need some form of funding and your accountant can help with sourcing appropriate grants and loans, helping your complete the paperwork and preparing and financial reports that may need to be submitted with them.



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