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What is vacuuming conveying

July 28, 2022 1:26 pm


One of the most novel and useful systems of goods transportation is that of Vacuum conveying. The idea behind conveying is that it covers the movement of goods. There are many substances and materials in a warehouse that cannot simply be moved. Loose items for example such as animal feed, painkillers and bulk medical pills, or even tea, must all be shifted and with great care. If any of these items, especially foodstuffs get contaminated with dust or foreign particles the cost could be horrendous.

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How vacuum conveying works is quite simple. Air is removed from one end of a pipe. This creates a vacuum that pulls the products to the other end of the pipe. It’s a simple but effective way of moving products of this nature. It also means that as this uses sealed pipes, there is no way that anything can get into the pipes and cause an issue.

It also means that space is kept at a premium, meaning that there can be more room to accommodate storage vats and tanks. The storage of more product means a greater profit yield in charges by the warehouse.

One of the other benefits is that they are extremely low maintenance. The units themselves are self cleaning meaning that no one has to climb inside one to try and clear it out. They have meant a revolution in safe transportation for the food and chemical industry alone.



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